Moveo HLS

Software solutions
in cyber security & HLS fields

From building a POC to diving into complex systems, we will create your groundbreaking product.
One place,
a variety of services
We will surround you with the right team according to your own needs, and accompany you along the journey of building your unique product.
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UX & UI Design
As user-focused design experts, we will identify your user’s pain-points, and design an impeccable user experience and interface.
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Back, Front and Mobile Development
We are flexible thinkers with a passion for cutting-edge technology, that enjoy the challenge of finding and developing the most creative & efficient solutions.
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Each of our projects undergo strict manual and automatic quality assurance tests, following up-to-date standards.
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We are experienced in developing Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions for the civil and military sectors.
We keep our client’s projects confidential
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We know
your field
We are experienced in working with clients ranging from Cyber Security, Intelligence and Homeland Security. 

We know your world, and speak your language.
The team was able to design and execute an end-to-end tailor-made solution, that required a wide range of capabilities.

We work together tightly with full transparency, and are able to manage each week’s sprint, according to our changing needs.

Moveo HLS’ teams knows how to work with a startup and help it boost its creative & development efforts.
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Ishay Horowitz, CEO
I was impressed by Moveo HLS’ ability to quickly understand our needs, integrate into our work process and deliver value.The team dived into a complex system and with their “hands-on” approach, delivered high-quality products that helped us reach our milestones.
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Idan Nurick, CEO
The dedicated team working on our project includes devoted and talented people who see themselves as an inseparable part of our development team.The team knows the bits and bites of 
the project, and we know these are people we can count on. They will go the extra mile to get things done, on time.
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Cyber Company
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